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Welcome to AP TEENS a service of Streetcats Foundation for Youth, One Heart for Kids, National Childrens Coalition and Streetcats Youth Ministries join together to create the first and only web portals for Asian-American-Pacific Islander Teens and also for Latino Youth AND African-American Teens. Please bookmark this site and let us know  what else you'd like to see here You'll want to also check out our new local teen sites for 10 U.S. cities and learn how you can help other youth through our One Heart for Kids national youth initiative.



www.nfaya.org   National Filipino Amer. Youth

www.filipinos4action.org/youth.htm    Filipinos 4 Action Youth

www.filipinos4action.org Filipinos for Affirmative Action Center  

www.jcyc.org    Japanese Community Youth Council 415 202-7909

www.japansociety.org     Japan Society NYC

www.us-japan.org/boston    Japan Society Boston

www.cpaboston.org   Chinese Youth Initiative (Boston)

www.cacayc.com   Chinese-Amer. Youth Club

www.chinesenewcomers.org  Chinese Newcomers Svce. Center  415  421-2111

www.cambodianchurch.com   Cambodian Church Youth  203 384-9870

www.viet-nam.org   Vietnamese-American Council

www.kcceb.org   Korean Community Center 510 547-2662

www.tacl.org Taiwanese-American Citizens

www.searac.org    Southeast Asian Resource Ctr. 202 667-4690

www.aphcv.apanet.org    Asian-Pacific Health Care

www.aars-inc.org   Asian-Amer. Recovery Svces.  415 541-9285

www.acmhs.org    Asian Community Mental Health  510 451-6729

www.oases.com   Asian Students Education Svces. 510 891-9928

www.naasu.org/ecasu/   East Coast Asian Students

www.aaministry.org   Asian-American Ministry Directory

www.kineticnet.net/icec/youth.html    India Cultural-Educ. Ctr.

www.taypa.org    Thai-Amer. Young Professionals

www.modelminority.org    Model Minority Asian-Amer. Empowerment

www.aapcho.org    Asian-Pacific Health Ctrs. 510 272-9536

http://www.umiacs.umd.edu/users/sawweb/sawnet/    South Asian Womens Net


    **also see Studies programs and local and national communities

       or call the youth hotlines at our (www.teencity.us) Teen City sites


Asian-American Studies:


http://www.ciolek.com     Asian Pacific Research/Studies

http://www.ciolek.com/WWWVL-Buddhism.html  Buddhist Studies

http://www.sscnet.ucla.edu/aasc/   Asian-American Studies UCLA

http://coombs.anu.edu.au/WWWVL-PacificStudies.html   Pacific Studies

http://www.humanities.uci.edu/aas/   Asian-Amer. Studies UC Irvine

http://www.aasp.cornell.edu   Asian Amer. Studies Cornell

http://www.apa.si.edu   Smithsonian Asian-Pacific Islander Program

http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~hraaa/   Harvard Asian Amer. Assoc.

http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~hva/   Harvard Vietnamese Assoc.

http://www.brown.edu/Students/South_Asian_Students_Association/   South Asian Students Brown U.

http://www.aaastudies.org/directory/directory.html  More Asian-Amer. Studies

http://cemaweb.library.ucsb.edu/cema_index.html   Ethic / Multi-Cultural Archives  **

http://imdcontentnew.searchease.com/villages/asian/village_asian_american.asp  Asian-American Village

http://www.nikkeiheritage.org   Nikkei Heritage

http://www.aems.uiuc.edu/index.las     Asian Educational Movie Service


National Communities:  (More coming later)

http://www.umiacs.umd.edu/users/sawweb/sawnet/    South Asian Womens Net

http://www.aaja.com  Asian-Amer. Journalists

http://www.aapaonline.org   Asian-Amer. Psychological Assoc.

http://www.napaba.org  Asian-Pacific Bar Assoc.

http://www.apa-politics.org  Asian-Pacific Politics

http://www.aaartsalliance.org  Asian-Amer. Arts Alliance

http://www.asianamericanfilm.com  Asian-Amer. Film Community

http://www.manaa.org  Asian-Amer. Media Action

http://www.indogram.com  Indogram

http://www.asiandiversity.com  Asian Diversity (Jobs, career)

http://www.asian-nation.org   Asian Nation

http://www.riceandtimes.com   Rice and Times


Local Communities:  (also see ‘Newstand’)


http://www.sfchinatown.com   San Francisco Chinatown

http://www.sanfranciscochinatown.com  More SF Chinatown

http://www.c-c-c.org   SF Chinese Cultural Center

http://www.chinatownla.com   L.A. Chinatown

http://www.sidbia.org   Seattle Chinatown       ????

http://www.portlandalliance.com/otct/  Portland Chinatown

http://www.virtualvancouver.com/chinatown.html  Vancouver Chinatown

http://www.lvchinatown.com  Las Vegas Chinatown

http://www.chinatownhi.com  Honolulu Chinatown

http://www.chicago-chinatown.com  Chicago Chinatown

http://www.chicagochinatown.com  More Chicago Chinatown

http://www.chicagochinatown.org   Chicago Chinatown CofC

http://www.phillychinatown.com   Philadelphia Chinatown

http://www.chinatown-online.com  NYC Chinatown-Online

http://www.chinatownnyc.com   More NYC Chinatown

http://hcs.harvard.edu/~chtn/    Boston Chinatown

http://www.chinatown-online.co.uk   London Chinatown

http://www.nyu.edu/classes/blake.map2001/korea2.html   NYC Korean

http://www.lakorea.com   Korean L.A.

http://www.kkceb.org   Korean Community-SF East Bay

www.littlesaigon.com  Little Saigon LA

www.littlesaigonradio.com   Little Saigon

http://www.ltsc.org   LA. Little Tokyo

www.japantown.ws/top.html SF Japantown

www.japantownsanjose.org   Japantown San Jose


More Vietnamese, Laotian,Thai, Indian, Japanese Local  Communities coming!


http://www.teencity.us   Teen City local Youth Sites Atlanta to Seattle


 AA/AP Newstand:

http://www.giantrobot.com   Giant Robot AA Youth Zine

http://www.explode.com   Blast @Explode AA Youth Zine

http://www.dream2kr.com   Dream 2KR (Korean-Amer. youth)

http://www.igoo.com            Igoo (Korean-Amer. youth)

www.kx-gen.com   KX-Gen (Korean-Amer. youth)

http://www.atimes.com  Asia Times

http://www.asianweek.com   Asian Week (SF and National)

www.kinoasia.com   Asian Cinema Weekly

www.asiancomputerweekly.com    Asian Computer Weekly

www.singtaousa.com  Sing Tao Daily

http://gort.ucsd.edu/jhan/krnews.html     Jhan's Korean News

www.chosunusa.com  Chosun USA (Korean)

www.chosun.com   Chosun Daily

www.vietnamdaily.com Vietnam Daily

http://www.nguoi-viet.com  Nguoi Viet  

www.vietspace.kicon.com     Vietspace

Nichi Bei Times

Phillipine News

http://www.rafu.com Rafu Shimbo


Art Museums and Cultural Centers:


www.pacificasiamuseum.org   Pacific Asia Museum

www.asianart.org   Asian Art Museum San Francisco

www.shermanleeinstitute.org    Sherman Lee Institute Museum

www.murikami.org   Murikami Museum/Japanese Gardens

www.wingluke.org   Wink Luke Asian Museum-Seattle

www.crowcollection.org   Crow Collection Asian Art




http://buddhism.about.com/library/blbudlifebirth1.htm   About Buddha

http://www.christianteen-online.com  Christian Teens Online

www.aaministry.org  Asian-American Ministries

http://www.whatsupwithgod.com  What’s Up With God? For youth

http://www.reachingupradio.com   Reaching Up! Youth Radio

Celebrate Radio


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